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Need A Maid Service Colorado Springs Residents Trust? Call Everyday Task Company!

Everyday Task Company is a leader within the Colorado Springs cleaning industry. When you are looking for maid service in Colorado Springs you can rely on Everyday Task Company is your go to!

We clean your house the way you would want it to be cleaned, not according to our schedule or convenience. Cleaning is not a “one size fits all” task, and we understand that each home needs a custom cleaning to be complete.

We have a passion for cleaning – at Everyday Task Company you aren’t just another client, you are a homeowner with a family who want to be able to come home and relax in a clean house. We love working with you, and we love being able to find a balance between the competing desires of an in depth cleaning and a reasonable budget. Whether you want a deep down clean that can significantly reduce allergies or simply want us to clean the toilets. We tailor our services to your home needs so each service is slightly different, after all we are not cleaning any house, we are cleaning your house.

Because our maid service is so custom to your home needs – an approach our clients appreciate – we developed a few packages to use as a starting point. We have our basic package “Just Plain Clean” and a more complete “Extraordinary Clean” package. We also have a move in/out list for individuals and businesses looking for that service.

We offer several packages custom to your budget and needs. Our weekly cleanings have a significant discount built into the price of the service, as cleaning tend to go quicker if we clean each week. We also take a couple of cleanings to get to know each other enough, feel comfortable, and lock in a price. After we lock in the price you can have the confidence of knowing you have a Colorado Springs maid service and rate you can count on.


Just Plain Clean

All Rooms:
Vacuumed or mopped
Light dusting

Mirrors, sink, toilet and shower/bath cleaned inside and out

Counter tops and appliances wiped down
Sink cleaned


Extraordinary Clean

All Rooms:
Corners dusted for cobwebs
Window sills and ledges dusted
Baseboards dusted (accessible)
Lamps and lampshades dusted
Furniture dusted
Fabric furniture vacuumed
Floors vacuumed and mopped
Window sills wiped and ledges cleaned
Walls spot checked
Flat areas wiped
Trash removed

Exterior of all appliances, including top of the refrigerator
Stove top (drip pans, glass tops wiped)
Exterior and interior of the microwave
Counter tops and backsplashes
Cabinet faces cleaned
Sinks clean and disinfected
Faucets cleaned and shined
Exterior of cooking hood cleaned
Floors swept and mopped
Window sills wiped and ledges cleaned
Cobwebs removed
Light dusting

Sink, shower, and bath cleaned inside and out
Toilets thoroughly cleaned
Mirrors cleaned
Counters and fixtures cleaned and polished
Door and walls spot checked
Shower door cleaned



Here are some common additions that some clients have us put in on a rotational basis

Interior of ovens Interior on refrigerators
Interior and exterior windows
Polishing furniture
Dust or wipe down ceiling fans
Doors and door frames washed
Edge carpet
Move knickknacks and clean
Extra attention to shower enclosure and grout

See our Personal Assistance section for more! Let us know what else we can do to make your life easier. 


Move in/out

All Rooms:
Window sills and ledges cleaned
All blinds dusted
All doors and baseboards cleaned
Floors mopped or vacuumed
Clean ceiling fans, light fixtures, and vent covers
Spot clean walls and remove cobwebs

Clean ranges top, stove inside and out
Cabinets inside and out
Refrigerator inside and out
Range hood Spot clean walls
Floors and baseboards
Clean counter tops and sinks
Spot check walls

Tubs and showers cleaned inside and out
Baseboards cleaned
Window sills and ledges
Clean faucets, doors and other handles
Clean mirrors
Clean sink and counter tops
Toilets inside and out

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