The ETC Difference

See Why Our Colorado Springs House Cleaning Services Make Us Different!

We give more than Colorado Springs house cleaning a house cleaning; we maximize your free time.  More than maid service, grocery delivery or personal assistance what we really offer is more free time to do the things that you want to do. For this to work, we have to work tirelessly to make sure that add value to your life. This starts with being on time, being consistence in our performance and earning your trust.  We then want to exceed expectations with fantastic service, by taking responsibility for our relationship and constantly working to improve your experience.

Many Colorado Springs house cleaning services use harmful cleaning products to our environment. We believe in more than simply calling ourselves green, we want to move all of our lives towards sustainability. We dream of a future where we leave a planet with just as many resources to our children as when we found it.  We use Simple Green products, because they have, for over thirty years, been committed to this goal as well. In addition to being leaders in the green product field they have pursued packaging and products that are made from recycled materials and are themselves recyclable. Since 2007, they introduced the very first 100% PETE bottle with a handle. They have also founded the EGBAR foundation that is committed to teaching the next generation about environmental care. They also spend a great deal of time helping clean up environmental disasters.  Finally, despite having an international market, Simple Green is manufactured and produced in the United States for over thirty years supporting USA jobs and dreams.

Our goal is first and last is your satisfaction, we accomplish this not only by out listening and out serving the others, but corporately committing to being the type of company that you would recommend. We are pursuing a better than 95% satisfaction rating among our customers. However, that is not what makes us different. What makes us different is how we choose to drive this satisfaction rating. We take care of those who take care of you, imaging a company where the employees have their job satisfaction rating as one of the core components of the business model. Where the partners enjoy coming to work and that joy translates to your home.

If you are looking for a Colorado Springs house cleaning company that offers exceptional service and utilizes sustainable green cleaning products, Everyday Task Company is the #1 choice.

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