Core Values

Here at ETC we strive to run our maid service Colorado Springs business based on the following core values:

Listening:  We listen to both to our partners and our customers. Our goal is service and successful service is measured by the people we serve. It is only in “out listening” that we can ever hope to out deliver.


Partnering: We hire people with the desire to grow and believe we are only as successful as we make our partners successful. We believe that the best customer service starts with the best partner care.


Fun: We work hard and have fun while doing it. How many maid service Colorado Springs professionals do you know that can accomplish both? We want to make it easy for each of our partners to find portions of their job that are just plain fun and make it easy for our customers to catch that sense of fun.


Innovation: We are committed to improving the way that we serve each other and our clients. We want to make sure that we keep communication open with all of our stakeholders, looking for ways to improve ourselves and our company.


Growth: All living healthy organisms grow; we will continue to improve ourselves and the company. We all create value for those around us and ultimately we are compensated according to that value. We strive to become more valuable every year.

Please choose ETC to serve as your maid service Colorado Springs company. Our core values will be reflected each day in our work and customer service to you.

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