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Welcome our ETC family! I have had the privilege of living in the glorious state of Colorado for over 15 years after I moved from Minnesota. I went to school at Colorado College and graduate school at Denver Seminary. I met my wife in college; she is a fifth generation Colorado native. I think there may be a total of fifty of such a privileged group. I have enjoyed being a part of this community and share that love often. My wife and I have been parts of fantastic teams managing large and small companies for our entire professional career; she is still happily serving a large construction firm as their marketing director and is known regionally as a social media expert. It was during an extraordinarily busy time that we discovered the joy of having a house cleaning Colorado Springs CO service. We found out how affordable the service was and how it reduced the stress in our lives dramatically. It was during this time that the idea of ETC was born, we were one of those families that could count the precious hours on two hands that we got after the day’s work was done and before we went to sleep for the night. We appreciated that we did not have to fill our precious Sundays with housework as we often worked 6 days a week. We thought, how much more exciting it would be if some of the other time draining activities were taken care of as well. Thus the Everyday Task Company was born. I learned my business chops by helping a company grow over 30% a year for 5 years; we did it through customer service and a fantastic culture. It is that same productive and caring culture that has set Everyday Task Company apart and it is our  house cleaning Colorado Springs CO service that sets us ahead. My family and I get out to enjoy our Colorado mountains every chance that we get and enjoy trail riding together so if you are out in mountains as well, wave hi. Don’t forget to choose us for your house cleaning Colorado Springs CO has too many exciting recreational activities for you to be spending your time on household duties.

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